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Brothers in arms

Murcia Seminar 2014

Hi my name is… Well, actually the funny thing about this article is that it is anonymous. To know who i am you will need to read this til the end. Maybe I am the very same Justo Dieguez or maybe a simple instructor or a spectator.

Just a week ago the Self Defense Murcia Seminar was done, where we developed all the things we learned from KEYSI through the year.

If you can read this I assumed you know more than enough about this self defense method. But this time we’re not going to talk about KEYSI itself. We’re going to talk about what happened in the seminar, the life experience.

Maybe I was giving the seminar? Maybe I received it? Maybe I was just an outsider watching the seminar developed. A few years ago I observed KEYSI from its highest peak I even watched its descent but the past circumstances never stopped the KEYSI progress. Since a couple of years until now KEYSI had a lot of changes, some of them easy to carry on others harder to understand.

But putting the past aside, what happened in this seminar? I know that the participants even though it is hard to explain if you noticed we had a magical moment, where obviously we train hard and a lot but did you noticed that tranquility sensation? Did you notice the bond that was built among the participants?

It didn’t matter where you were from, your language, your age, constitution and race, none of that matter. Yes we were practicing but what happened between series? We congratulate each other, we laughed, what happened after the classes? Long conversations took place, walks among friends and trips to the beach or just hanging out in the pool. This is isn’t an article about KEYSI, it’s just a thought about what happened in the seminar. During a week none of the participants can’t deny that what started with a handshake ended up with a hug that didn’t say “good bye” but “see you soon brother”.

We had new incorporations, people who had struggled and people who had come thousands of kilometers just to be training for a week, but even they felt that people’s union that in the beginning they may started as strangers but ended up being brothers

I wish I could express in words just how great we got to feel all together in that moment and place. If you’re reading this and you do not understand a word of what you’re reading, don’t worry is perfectly normal but instead I invite you to join us the next time.
Because no matter how hard the things got a while ago now it turns out more evident that KEYSI will rise, that the people we’re here we believe, enjoy what we do but also fight for what we do, we know that despite how hard things can get we’ll still be there because we will never surrender, we’ll never stop fighting because there’s nothing more rewarding that fight for what you believe and knowing that no matter what happens your brothers in arms will never leave your side.

Loyalty is a rare commodity nowadays and is something that you cannot buy, you can only earn it. The only thing I regret about those 7 days is that they passed like if they were 7 minutes but I cannot regret anything but that.

I know that some of you won’t understand my words but if the curiosity beats your intrigue, don’t keep the doubt, I can only tell you to come and meet us, to hang out with us, train with us for a day, live with us, breathe the same air we do and then answer me this question; was it worth the effort?

Finally we wanted to remark the families of the participants, say thanks for their efforts, their encouragement and support they had in us and say thank you for our warm and support, cause without you this couldn’t be what it is today, it wouldn’t exists.

I want to send regards for all of those who read this article and a big hug for all my brothers.

Never Surrender.
Al ataque.

Best Regards: Juan José Sánchez Flores ( Keysi Madrid)

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